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The Heroes of Darkness is one of the oldest supergroups on the Liberty server.  Founded by Selsious, Machismo, and Statixman, it quickly became one of the premier sg's on Liberty.  Known for being a fun, light hearted group with members that just loved the thrill of the fight, HoD as it became known, was once an SG with many loyal members.  After several years it has gained and lost numerous heroes, with Pyron 2.0 becoming the core leader of the group after Statixman went missing.  For many years Pyron 2.0 was the leader of HoD but went insane and became a villain after the Circle of Thorns twisted his memory and made him think the HoD was his nemesis.   Now with Scrum leading what is left of HoD, we open a new chapter in this infamous supergroups destiny. With even more enemies attacking Paragon City, there is always a need for strong heroes willing to fight in the HoD.  With any luck old heroes will return into the fold and make HoD a force to be reckoned with again.

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CoH forum for strike target

Pyron 2.0, Aug 17, 11 7:48 AM.
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